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First objective elegance and balance



I have always loved travelling and discovering

After ending my studies I decided that, after books, it was necessary to make experience in the business and work for differents wineries and companies. My first season was in Germany, working mainly with white grapes, then in Australia for the great reds, subsequently in Sonoma (California) land of strong character Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Not satisfied with these experiences, I landed in New Zealand, where I absorbed a more natural, organic and biodynamic viticultural and oenological approach. South Africa made on me a positive impression with the union between the modern and traditional wine world.
To conclude with tradition, in addition of visiting all the wine world of France, I had the privilege to work in the great Champagne region.



Success is 10% talent and 90% hard work (Pablo Picasso)

A lot of hard work is needed to achieve results.
I love producing wines that reflect the territory of origin. I think the objective is achieved, when tasting blind you guess the origin of the wine.
A traditional approach that looks forward with modern techniques, but which does not want to lose the roots of the natural cycle, in the vineyard and in the cellar.
Often the technician has to take a step back and be guided by the sensations that nature and experience brings to him. Without balance in the vineyard, it will be difficult to achieve balance in the wine. All this without ever forgetting the main objective, satisfying the needs of the customer in his being and wanting, accompanying him in the choices in the design and stylistic phase, in relation to where we are.
I love keeping visiting companies around the world, comparing notes with colleagues and producers. Professional growth never stops and by nature, I have to go into things in depth, to be able to understand my passion in detail.



I have always loved the countryside: as a teenager I cultivated a small vegetable garden.
As a boy I bottled the farmer's regional wine near home, with my father and my uncle.

Graduated in High School in agriculture and graduated at the University in Viticulture and Oenology.
I carried out the experimental thesis in oenological microbiology in collaboration with the Winery Cavalleri in Franciacorta (the best know sparkling wine region in Italy) and carried out the internship at Bellavista in the same region.
I started by working for large companies in Emilia, where I am originally from, then moving to central Italy in the unknown and undervalued Marche region, then Europe (Germany and France) and the world (Australia, California, South Africa, New Zealand).
I'm working as viticulturist and oenologist for young (and non-) wine producers as well for important wineries around Italy.

I'm ready and keen to start new project around the wine world.

"Enzo Ferrari was obsessed with the desire to go into the smallest details of his business, it is also thanks to this impulse that he built immense success"

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